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Performance Workshop with Rachel Thew

Performance Workshop with Rachel Thew

This workshop will explore all aspects of creating a performance from inception to final production. We will study examples of theatre, performance, design and staging; devise, write and rehearse our own performance; design and create costumes and aspects of staging; and finally, perform.

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their English skills through:

- guided analysis and discussion of authentic texts and examples

- practice of writing and negotiating in the creation and production stages

- developing confidence in speaking through rehearsal, performance and discussion

August  20th - October 26th

Meeting three times weekly: Monday 3-5pm/Wednesday 3-5pm/Friday 3-5pm (excluding holidays). Full attendance expected.


For IPCBC and UCBC students only.


Further information: www.ipbritanico.cl

Registration: cbastias@britanico.cl