Business English resources with video

The Macmillan English Campus learning platform, offered in Chile exclusively by the Instituto Chileno Britanico de Cultura, now contains a new series of resources focused on English for Business.To see an example of this great new learning resource, click here.

The British English resources, at beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate level, consist of 14 video activities, 30 listening activities and 6 writing exercises.

The high-quality video resources practise business-related vocabulary and language points. Topics covered at each level are ‘job interviews', ‘presentation skills' and ‘participation in meetings'.

To support this fantastic new video content are 30 listening activities based on essential business topics such as ‘making travel arrangements', ‘telephone skills' and ‘negotiation skills'.

To complete the set, the 6 new writing activities use a business context to show best practice for business English writing. Students can work on a range of different topics, from ‘writing formal and informal emails' to ‘requesting information' and ‘dealing with complaints'.

To find the video resources, just type “video activity” into the Word & Phrase search after you’ve logged into your Macmillan English Campus account.

We hope these carefully designed resources allow our students from the business world to improve their listening and language skills and expand their business English vocabulary using real-life business scenarios.

To see an example of this great new learning resource, click here.